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Sun, Sep. 24th, 2006, 08:39 pm
mycatz2: (no subject)

Hey I've made a whole slew of 24 videos too: I dont have the download links for mine but if you all go to: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MyCatz2 and check under the section videos, they are all right there. :)

Sun, Aug. 6th, 2006, 12:10 pm
vodka88: (no subject)

Title: '24 Trailer'
Song: 'Requiem for a Dream (Two Towers Remix)
Vidder: vodka88, also known as easilyjaded
Summary: A quick trailer-like overview of Season 5.

Download here or watch on youtube here

Mon, Jul. 3rd, 2006, 08:05 pm
vodka88: (no subject)

Welcome everybody, to 24 Music Videos and Clips, a community to share fan-made music videos along with video clips to make them with. Anyone can join and post--so feel free to share your own creations! Every so often there will be a Music Video Contest, where people can enter what they believe is their best to win a small prize. This contest will be voted on by other users, and contest rules will be revealed once the first contest starts.

But as of now--feel free to post all of the music videos you have. Please have one post per music video so comments can easily relate to the video in question. Have fun!